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Maggie Tong & Hill Ngan

Young Living Hong Kong 皇家皇冠鑽石級領袖


自小家人就灌輸「你可以做任何事,只要你用心,夢想都在你掌握中,我們都以你為榮!」自小被做生意的爸爸薰陶決心立志長大後要成為一位成功的生意人,他教導Maggie做生意要親力親為及勤力,命運是自己創造的!因此Maggie 22歲便和男朋友(現在的先生)創業,由於他們靈活變通,因此在生意上算是有不錯成績。


2014年12月,因為希望改善家人健康而令Maggie接觸及從此愛上精油世界!她喜歡Young Living高品質的產品及簡易的使用方式,並且很容易就分享給身邊的朋友。因為這種簡單的分享及懷著幫助別人的心,Maggie團隊日漸增長,由原本非常反對她接觸直銷及認為會影響聲譽的先生也認真了解這生意是什麼一回事。


2016年5月,在一次夏威夷之旅中,先生Hill聽完創辦人Gary 的演說後終於明白為何她這麼愛這家公司,並且決定和Maggie一起發展Young Living 事業。在一起的策劃下在兩個月後竟然達到鑽石級,Maggie及Hill看到這個事業的商機,最重要這是很有意義、可以改變別人生命的事業。因此他們決定把時間全放在Young Living及結束他們原來營運的童裝事業。雖然帶有不捨,但他們並沒有後悔這個決定並深信Young Living是有更重要的使命。


Maggie及Hill分別參加了Young Living 在烏干達和尼泊爾的義工服務,他們更深了解創辦人Gary Young 的理念並且能深深感受到什麼是生命意義和停下來深思生命的價值︰成功不在乎你多麼有能力,而是你可以感染多少人。


在Young Living這個事業上,Maggie很感恩不少原本互不認識的人,卻成為了好朋友。不但珍惜Young Living的產品及這個事業機會,但更珍貴的是擁有互助互愛、以人為本的文化。雖然創辦人已經過世,但Gary的教導和精神都成為團隊的成功座右銘。



Success Motto︰You can do anything as long as you work hard. Your dream is in your hands, and we are all proud of you!

Since childhood, Maggie’s family has instilled “You can do anything as long as you work hard. Your dream is in your hands, and we are all proud of you!” Maggie’s father is a businessman and he taught Maggie how to do business personally and diligently. So Maggie started a business with her boyfriend (now husband) at the age of 22 and the business went very well in the past 10 years.


In December 2014, Maggie tried Young Living products as to improve the health of her family. She loves Young Living's high-quality products and easy-to-use methods, and it is easy to share with her friends. Because of this simple sharing and the heart to help others, her team has grown day by day. Her husband, Hill, who originally not supported her to build Young Living business but started to learn what this business is all about.


In May 2016, during a trip to Hawaii, Hill finally understood why Maggie loves Young Living so much after listening to the speech given by the founder Gary Young, and decided to build Young Living business with Maggie. They set goals and planned together and they reached the rank of Diamond two months later. Maggie and Hill not only seeing the business opportunities here, but also it is a business who is very meaningful that can change the lives of others. So they decided to devote all their time to build Young Living and end their original children's clothing business.


After Maggie and Hill participated in Young Living's volunteer service in Uganda and Nepal respectively, they have a better understanding of the Gary Young's mission and find their meaning of life: “Success is not determined by how capable or powerful you are, but how you can empower others.”


Along the journey, Maggie is very grateful that she has built a close relationship with her team. Although Gary has passed away, his teaching and spirit have become the motto of the Maggie’s team.


Maggie and Hill would like to thank the team for their trust. They are fortunate to recognize everyone and hope to share again “You can do anything as long as you are attentive. Your dream is in your hands, and we are all proud of you!” to everyone and continue to lead their team with love.

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