Thursday, January 31, 2013

請大家救救香港既BB , 向美國白宮請願, 發出國際緊急援助

Local parents in Hong Kong can hardly buy baby formula milk powder in drugstores and supermarkets, as smugglers from mainland China storm to this tiny city to buy milk powder and resell for huge profits in China. Many retailers stockpiled milk powder and are reluctant to sell to local parents as the shops can sell their stocks in big cartons to mainland smuggler for huge profits. Countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand exercise rationed sale to tourist buyers from China for milk powder but the Hong Kong government simply frame the situation as a matter of free trade and refuse to exercise law which is already there to stop cross-border smuggling. We request for international support and assistance as babies in Hong Kong will face malnutrition very soon.

各位香港既爸爸媽媽,既然香港政府唔理我地,我地就要引起國際關注比壓力香港政府!BB 奶都冇得飲,人權何在!?而家連美國白宮都關注!
我地都要努力Forward !! 叫人去 sign petition 等國際關注!

用email 注冊兼簽請願(按個 Button ) 都祇係兩分鐘!

請大家為香港BB 用兩分鐘做個好心啦~~~多謝你地!!

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